Prenatal Classes - Introduction

Many people are intrigued by the idea of personalized classes taught one on one in the convenience of their own home, but worry that this type of prenatal instruction is too unconventional. "Wouldn't we be better off taking the hospital course?", they wonder.

Intense Reality of Life with Twins, Triplets or More

Check out our new online prenatal course! One of the reasons I began this business wasbecause my husband and I felt that theprenatal classes we took while pregnant with Alex and Simon did not prepare us for the intense reality of life with twins. Firstly,we didn't really get anything from our classes that we hadn't already read in a book somewhere.Secondly, none of the instructors were parents of multiples, so while we got a lot of good medical information, we didn't hear an honest account of what it was REALLY going to be like, bringing home more than one newborn. And while we enjoyed some of the activities presented in the course, there was a lot of "sit and git", something I as a constructivist educator am totally opposed to!

Unique Issues Related to Multiple Births
The other issue was finding a prenatal course that catered specifically to multiple births. As you may have already discovered, being pregnant with twins, triplets or more is vastly different than being pregnant with a singleton. The more experience I acquire, the more I am confirmed in my belief that good, multiples-specific prenatal instruction, begun early on in the pregnancy and continued as post-natal support (if possible) can save time, money, heartache and much emotional and physical trauma for both parents and their multiple-birth children.

Vera & the Boys in Bracebridge, Summer 2006We were lucky; in Toronto, there are two to three twins-specific prenatal classes taught at the bigger downtown hospitals (though you still have to fight traffic and pay for parking!) But outside the city core, expectant parents are hard-pressed to find a prenatal course that specializes in mutliple births.

Stop wasting your time hunting around for something that doesn't exist! Instead, let me to come to your home and give you the information and support you need now in order to embark successfully on this exciting new adventure as a family! If you still need convincing, read my testimonials--words of gratitude from some of the many couples I have worked with over the past several years.

I hope their feedback will encourage you to "Get It Together!"


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