Tips from Other POMs ("Parents of Multiples")

Pregnancy & Hospital Experience

  • Don't wait until you're all puffy in the third trimester to put up your feet--start taking it easy early--second trimester at the latest!
  • TUMS are good for helping with heartburn, and they have calcium, too.
  • Take your prenatal classes sooner rather than later; our babies came early, and we didn't get to finish our course!
  • Familiarize yourself with some of the main issues surrounding preemies: breathing, temperature regulation, eating... inform yourself about the NICU. That way, in case your babies are born early, it won't all be such a shock.
  • The nurses at the hospital, though well intentioned, all have different experiences and opinions. We got a lot of mixed messages and had to figure out what to believe and what advice to take with a grain of salt.
Oscar & George, Azure Blue Photography 2007

The First Week at Home

  • Keep a written schedule of sleep, diaper changes, feeding, etc.
  • Frozen meals from friends and family are essential
  • Get live-in help: Mother-in law, neighbours, friends, anyone you can convince to move in for a few weeks!

Gear and Supplies

  • Aveeno diaper rash creme
  • Avent bottles and microwave sterilizer worked well
  • Diaper Champ (bigger than Diaper Genie, and easier to use!)
  • Crib Mobiles are great stimulation for babies, but don't really help them sleep!

Kofi, Vida & the Triplets, 2006General Advice

For success with parenting and with the survival of your marriage, teamwork in the relationship is essential!

We didn't really use a baby bathtub; we just took them right into the bath or shower with us.

Take trips to the mall to walk the babies around and get out of the house.


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