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Multiple Births Canada- This National Organization is the over-seer of many local “POMBA” chapters, and the site provides some excellent links for expectant and parents of twins, triplets, or more.

Multiple Births Families - An extremely comprehensive website with all manner of resources to download for multiple births.  The site is run by Lynda P. Hadden, a medical practitioner and mother of multiples in Ottawa.

Twins, Triplets and More - This annually updated resource from UBC Nursing Department offers a wealth of information for families expecting multiples. Check it out online, or print off your own copy. My prenatal clients recieve a complimentary loaner at Class One.

Twin Pregnancy and Beyond - Your one stop resource through all stages of pregnancy, birth and parenting twins. Packed with "twin specific" information, advice, personal stories, photo galleries, helpful twin gear guides, fun contests, community forum and a free newsletter!

MOST - If you are expecting triplets or other higher order multiples (HOMs, sometimes also referred to as "Supertwins"), you may be interested in this American site.

Triplet Connection - Another American site specializing in families with triplets.

Simon & Alex, Age 3

TPOMBA - Your link to the Toronto Chapter of Parents of Multiple Births.

MPOMBA - The Mississauga version of TPOMBA, this site also offers an easy-to-use, online “buy and sell” section.

Twinutero - Canadian mother of twins and one older child blogs about her parenting experience.

1,2,3 Go! - a video survival guide for expectant parents of triplets and quadruplets. 95 minute video features information about HOM pregnancy, birth and various post-partem issues.

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