Class 1 - Pregnancy & Birth

This class provides an overview of Multiple Birth Pregnancy and Birth process, including information about health and nutrition, lifestyle, and vaginal vs C-Section delivery.  Ideal class for those at the end of their first or beginning of their second trimester, who want to get an overview of what it’s all about.

Simon & Alex, Age 36 weeks gestation

pregnant twin belly, 37 weeks

1.  Multiples

  • Diagnosis
  • Types
  • History & Interesting Facts
  • Issues Around Prematurity
  • Organizations That Can Help

2.  Lifestyle

  • Nutrition
  • Slow Down & Put Up Your Feet!
  • Advocating for Yourself (and Your Babies!)
  • Who’s Staying Home?

3.  The Birth

4.  Development of Human Potential

  • Bonding with Multiples
  • Music in Utero
  • Reading to Your Unborn Children?
prenatal consulting for multiples