Class 3 - Coming Home/Babycare

Bathing, feeding, changing, sleeping …
it’s all covered in this final class.  Find out before the babies come home how “E.A.S.Y.” it can be to get your little ones on a schedule.  Share ideas on how to best arrange your home for the arrival of your newborns.  This class is ideal for anytime after the first trimester, but especially useful during the third.

    1.  Handling Your Newborns


Clark Twins


  2.  Feeding & Sleep

  • PDF vs. AP
  • Feeding: How Often and How Much?
  • Sleep Philosophies
  • Input/Output Schedules & Logs

  3. Other

  • Physical Set-up in Your Home
  • "Helpful" Help vs. Unhelpful Help
  • Soothing a Crier; Colic and More
  • Bonding with More than One;
    Playing, Reading and Getting Out
  • Couples Time
  • Post-Partem Mood Disorder
  • Birth Control
prenatal consulting for multiples