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I love to use music in my classroom, not only as background music to enhance the learning process, but also as a tool for broadening the cultural repertoire of my students and introducing them to new sounds as well as old favourites. 

A Soulful Celebration

This CD will expose your students to a whole new way of enjoying Handel’s Messiah Classics—a great exercise is to have students compare the original version with the “Soulful” alternative, using a VENN diagram, then write an expository piece on which version they prefer and why.


Every teacher should have a good collection of marches. Pay the money and get a quality recording that includes a deep brass section and BIG sound! I love to use marches with younger children, especially when exploring the element of rhythm in Music class. A good march is also useful for a get up and stretch (or march!) around the room break during EQAO or other lengthy, focused activities.


Mozart's Clarinet, Oboe and Bassoon Concertos

As 'easy to listen to' as his piano concertos, this music introduces the ear to some less conventional instruments, while providing a gentle background ideal for reading, writing or working on art or content area projects. 


Vision-Hildegard von Bingen

Heavily produced electronic trance-and-dance tracks are added to the stark, ecstatic plainchant of the 12th-century abbess on this unique project.  An unusual listening experience, and great "mood music", especially during the dark winter months.


Edward Scissorhands

If you’re looking for more "mood music" to add to your classroom collection, this is a great one to use as background music for creative dance, poetry or other. 


Babtunde Olatunji

This CD is a great example of what happens when traditional African drumming meets the modern world. Baba is a master who inspired millions before his death this past decade. Introduce your students (and perhaps yourself) to a spiritual leader and masterful drummer! 


Forest Piano

A lovely, relaxing, Dan Gibson's Reflections favourite!  I like to play this softly in the background as students are working on their portfolios or other reflective work.

Ravi Shankar

Ravi Shankar is perhaps the best known Eastern Sitar Master in the world. These ragas make great background music for creative writing or other independent work.  


Canadian Folk Music

A must-have for every teacher who wants her students to become familiar with Canadian classics such as Red River Valley, She's Like the Swallow, Barrett’s Privateers, and many more!

Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra

If you’re teaching the instruments of the orchestra, you NEED this CD!  As a great bonus, this version features the narration of Dame Edna, and includes Peter and the Wolf, as well as Britten’s Guide. 

Click here for a worksheet to go with the CD


Putumayo World Playground for Children

This is a wonderful sampler CD for introducing children to music from around the world.  By the end of a week, my grade threes were singing words in languages they didn't even understand!

Putumayo World Playground for Children, vol. 2

The second installment is just as good as the first! 


The Extremist

Rock Guitarist Joe Satriani provides a great listening example of rock music without words--very few of his songs have lyrics. Click here for a sample worksheet of levelled questions you could use with track 1, "Friends".  


Family Tree

Tom Chapin is a fine musician, and surrounds himself with the same, so that "Children's Music" is just as musically enjoyable for the adults who have to listen.  Humourous phrases only adults would really get are also thrown into the lyrics.  This particular selection is great for building community in your primary/early junior classroom.

Louis Armstrong and Oscar Peterson

Gotta' have a Jazz example, and this a fine one to have as two of the "old world's" greats come together to make beautiful music perfect for setting a welcoming tone and a relaxing atmosphere in your classroom during meet-the-teacher night, at interview time or throughout the year.

“Nutcracker Suite”

Let the Duke expose you to a whole new way of hearing this holiday classic!  Another great compare and contrast activity resource!


Laughing in Rhythm

A delightful CD collection by an eccentric individual—trust me, the music and the liner notes are worth the money… the instructional uses with students of all ages in a variety of curriculum areas are endless!


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