Classroom Library... Who's is it?

After attending Tony Stead's workshop at a recent Reading for the Love of It conference, I decided to "upset" my beautiful and perfect reading corner/classroom library, and have the kids make it their own. As one of my grade fours wrote in our Monthly newsletter that month, "It was chaos on the carpet--books were flying everywhere, but a few hours later, we had a fantastic and well organized reading centre"! Not so beautiful, perhaps, but their own!


lovely, teacher created classroom library



You'll need:

-All your books
-several bins or baskets to house the books (get over it -- they don't all need to match!)
-small sticky labels (to label and number each book)
-some tape, marker and paper to label each bin
-a large piece of chart paper to record each topic the kids come up with

How to make it happen:

1. Have the students complete a reading inventory (topics, genres they enjoy reading)

2. Share these with the whole class; together, create a numbered list on chart paper.

3. Dump all your books in the classroom onto the carpet or other large, open area

4.Play "Seekers and Keepers" (Yes, a little Harry Potter mania here)
-Assign two students to each number/topic
-Seeker goes and "seeks" all the books associated with the number
-Keeper labels each book and "keeps" the books in a book bin
-Seeker and Keeper label and number their book bin (so stray books can easily find their way home)

5. Put all the bins on the shelft, floor, or wherever you plan to house your library.

6. Post the numbered list of topics near the classroom library area.

7. Enjoy your new classroom library!

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